About She Meets

Navigating Life's Questions Through a Kingdom Lens

At She Meets, we believe that understanding your identity and purpose is pivotal to living a fulfilled life. Our mission is to mentor you through these fundamental questions: Who are you, and why are you here? We approach these questions through the expansive lens of the Kingdom of God, guiding you to discover and embrace your divine calling within life's 7 pillars: spiritual, emotional, mental, relational, physical, financial, and purpose.

Empowering Your Spiritual Journey

She Meets is a movement, where women come to seek clarity, growth, and direction. With a foundation deeply rooted in the principles of the Kingdom of God, we offer mentorship that shines His light on your path, enriching your understanding of how each pillar supports and enhances your journey toward spiritual maturity.

In Spiritual Intelligence, we delve deep into cultivating a profound connection with divine purpose, embracing faith and values guided by the Holy Spirit. Emotional Resilience equips you to navigate life's trials with grace (the Power of Jesus's blood), fostering a heart of forgiveness and inner peace. Physical Stewardship honors the temple of the Holy Spirit through embracing wellness as a spiritual discipline, while Financial Stewardship encourages wise stewardship of resources, reflecting God's provision and abundance.

Relational Honoring focuses on building Christ-centered relationships that edify and strengthen community bonds. Mental Wisdom promotes the pursuit of knowledge and discernment, illuminating paths with God's truth. Central to our mission is the Kingdom Assignment pillar, which empowers you to actively expand, extend, and colonize your portion of the earth for the Kingdom, making disciples and manifesting the Power of 3, Father, Son and Holy Spirit in every aspect of life.

Join us in deepen your trust walk with Christ but also to impact the world around you, fulfilling the Great Commission and living out the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven.

Our Faith and Hope is in Jesus. 

Our Journey

At the heart of the She Meets movement lies a story of transformation, community, and divine purpose. It began over twenty-five years ago with a vision to create a space where women could gather together in intimate faith, united by their love for Jesus and the desire to live lives that honor God. This vision quickly materialized into a small church group that provided support for women navigating her significance in faith, relationships, and personal growth.

The Spark

Our founder's twenties were marked by rebellion, a rebellion that culminated in a life-altering encounter in a hospital bed. Alone, facing a daunting medical decision, the realization dawned that salvation lay not in the hands of doctors but in a deeper connection with the Creator. Miraculously healed and filled with a newfound hope, the journey towards her spiritual maturity began. 

This path wasn't walked alone. It attracted a community of women seeking to deepen their relationship with Jesus, to embrace their God-given strength, and to voice their truths in a world that often silenced them. The formation of small, intimate groups laid the foundation for a movement that would soon empower women worldwide. The She Meets movement of Spiritual Maturity, was born out of a desire to guide women through their own spiritual and personal metamorphoses. Read her journey below.

Milestones and Impact

As these gatherings evolved into a broader community focused on addressing the unique challenges faced by single Christians. From tackling awkward social encounters with grace to celebrating individuality and the freedom inherent in being who God created them to be. This community was not just about finding companionship; it was about fostering meaningful connections that encouraged personal and collective growth in faith.

From its humble beginnings to receiving it's name in 2018, She Meets has grown into a vibrant community that celebrates breakthroughs, fosters deep connections, and witnesses remarkable transformations. Our gatherings, whether online or in person, have ignited hope, healing, and empowerment.

The movement has evolved from church small group, to now include: Pearls of Design (PODs) Mentorship, the Forward Focus Journal, NOW Moments With Jesus, and the Queen’s Table. Each initiative is designed to meet women where they are, offering support, guidance, and the skills and tools to grow in their relationship with God, self and others.

Our Mission

To empower women to boldly use their voice, allowing them to effectively express their faith, grow in confidence of their significanca and make a profound impact from the inside out. 

Through our live events, online communities, and mentorship programs, we aim to cultivate a deep, intimate relationship with God and each other, understanding that our identity and purpose are rooted in His kingdom of heaven here on earth. Central to the She Meets has been the pursuit of health, voice, and relationships through a Kingdom lens. Recognizing that each individual is called to live out a unique purpose under God's sovereignty, She Meets has dedicated itself to mentoring women in understanding and embracing their divine assignments. This mentorship goes beyond conventional Christian duties, advocating for a life of impactful divine connection and action.

Joining Our Journey

She Meets is more than a community; it's a family of sisters you want to be around. It's a place where women can find their voice, move forward in confidence, and live out their God-given purpose. 

If you're seeking a deeper connection with God, longing to understand your purpose, or simply looking for a community that understands the power of spiritual maturity, we welcome you. It is time to leave the old religion patterns behind and say yes to blessings and honor. We choose you. Together, we can impact generations for Christ, living out our faith with courage, love, and a deep sense of belonging.

Connect With Us

To become a part of our movement, to find your voice, and to start your journey towards spiritual maturity, visit us at Shemeet.ca. We can't wait to welcome you into our community.

From the Founder

What does Kingdom Living Mean?

She Meets mentorship guides you in embracing Kingdom living, revealing God's design that all of creation including diverse species of animals and plants, operates within distinct kingdoms. This universal principle reveals that we, too, belong to a Kingdom—the Kingdom of God. Here, you're invited to understand and embrace your identity as a daughter of the King, called to mature fully in every aspect of your life. Under God's reign, full maturity isn't just a goal; it's a journey encompassing spiritual, emotional, physical, financial, mental, and relational growth. She Meets is dedicated to walking with you on this path, linking arms, helping you to live out the fullness of your divine heritage in the Kingdom of God. Together, let's bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth

What is a She Meets Ambassador?

You will love partnering with our Ambassadors in supporting you in personal prayer. These committed women are dedicated to walking alongside you in faith in God's breakthrough. Here are our amazing Ambassadors and they live in the NOW community. 

Christine Slater has a passion for training and activating women to live out revival in their body, their relationships, and their voice.

Christine has a gift of facilitating encounters, communities and ultimate transformations. She has an innate capacity to speak with honor from a place of vulnerable wisdom. Christine values the emotional process women journey through in finding their voice.

Christine shows up in this beautiful world as a wife, mother of 2 (+one in heaven), Nutritionist, Pastor, Prophetic Trainer, 100X Kingdom Entrepreneur Certified Coach and as the Founder of She Meets Mentorship Movement.

Donna Moody is a woman who wears the heart of God on her sleeve, choosing to walk in transparency, vulnerability and with passion. She has experienced freedom and the healing touch of Jesus. She is committed to helping others move Kingdom values from head to heart with empathy and zeal. She passionately uses her voice as a worship leader and in prayer. She has worked as a nurse for the past 28 years, and loves life as wife, mother and Nanny to her grandsons.

Beth Salt is a Kingdom builder and gatherer. She values harmony, belonging, acceptance and clear communication in love and kindness. Her heart is to connect people to the Father’s destiny for their lives. She releases her voice as a prophet, a teacher, a writer, and a worshipper.

Beth works full-time in career development at a post-secondary college in Ontario, Canada. She is an adoptive parent to a 20 year old, and was widowed over 10 years ago. She is thankful for the She Meets community that has empowered her to heal and grow in her spiritual authority.

Sandra Hillen is a woman who values peace and creativity and loves to smile. She releases her voice through prophetic encouragement and pictures from the Holy Spirit through art. She is an overcomer in difficult health issues, family relationships and the death of a son.  She is a retired, married mother of four along with two grandchildren. She Meets has helped her find herself all over again, grow in her voice, self and kingdom authority.

Teresa Butler is a passionate, loving woman who found her identity in Christ and loves mentoring and teaching other women to see their identity and destiny fulfilled. She is an intercessory prayer warrior who has been involved in local and national prayer movements within Canada and longs to see the fruit of answered prayer released in others! Teresa retired after working 31 years overseas in the Canadian Government and now works part time for a family business. She enjoys having fellowship with family and friends over coffee or meals. Teresa loves gardening, photography and travelling.

How is a mentor different than a coach or consultant?

Are you wondering what exactly is a mentor anyway? 

Mentoring holds a unique place, distinguished by its essence of wisdom-sharing and experiential guidance. Unlike coaching, counselling, consulting, and training, mentoring is a journey where the mentor imparts not just knowledge, but also wisdom, experiences, and the insights they've garnered through their journey. This process is deeply rooted in the understanding that what has been given to the mentor by divine grace—their skills, insights, and life lessons—is meant to be passed along, creating a legacy of wisdom and growth. Plainly said - there are things that happen in a relationship that would have been taken care of through mentorship. 

The following are clarifications of:

  • Coaching is a partnership where the coach supports the coachee in drawing out their own wisdom to achieve specific personal or professional goals. It's a path of discovery and action, where the coach asks powerful questions, listens, and encourages, but the coachee sets the agenda and takes ownership of their development. Coaching is about unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their performance in the present.
  • Counselling delves into personal, psychological, and relational domains, offering a space to explore, heal, and gain tools for healthier living. It's a process focused on healing, understanding, and resolving issues from the past or present to improve mental and emotional well-being. Currently, we do not offer counselling, we do offer soul healing modalities. 
  • Consulting provides expert advice and solutions in specific areas to enhance performance or achieve certain outcomes. Consultants diagnose problems and offer recommendations based on their expertise.
  • Training involves a structured program designed to develop skills or knowledge in a particular area. It's content-driven, with a clear agenda and objectives, focused on imparting information or practices to improve competency in specific fields.

Mentoring, in contrast, is a relational experience where the mentor shares their life's wisdom, knowledge, revelations and God-given gifts with their mentee. It's less about specific goals or problem-solving and more about overall personal and spiritual growth. Mentors offer insights and experiences that can guide mentees through similar challenges and opportunities, fostering growth not just in professional capacities but in character and spiritual depth as well. The relationship is marked by mutual respect, shared values, and a commitment to the mentee's wholistic development. 

Passionate about mentoring, I wish I had someone to guide me through life's seasons. It's a joy to share wisdom, sparing others time and hardship, like passing on a treasured t-shirt from an adventure. ~ Christine Slater

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Invest in mentoring you so you don't wear your friend's ears off!

This live and online community seeks the voice of God and encounters His heart together. This is the place to find God, find others, and find freedom in who God created you to be and do! Dedicated to bringing you the community you have always been looking for. We are on a mission to activate women in meeting their voice and Kingdom assignment by mentoring them to step out in the power of their words to impact the generations.