Christine's Journey

My story, the very essence of the She Meets movement, is a testament to transformation, a journey from the depths of despair to the heights of hope and divine purpose. It all began in my trying twenties, a time marked by rebellion and a profound sense of lostness. Raised in the church, I was familiar with Jesus as my savior, yet as I ventured into the world, I found myself quickly caught in darkness, sickness, and an endless grind leading nowhere, no matter how far I travelled.

The pivotal moment came at the lowest point of my life, lying in a hospital bed, lacking friends, distanced from family, and facing a daunting medical decision alone. It was then, in my utter despair, that I cried out to God, promising to serve Him all my days if He delivered me from what was being decided for me. Miraculously, within a month, I walked out of that hospital, experience miracle after miracle, with a newfound hope and a deep realization that I needed more than a savior; I needed a relationship with God in every aspect of my life.

At 26, I found myself on a new found spiritual journey, diving deep into a relationship with Jesus and embracing the power of the Holy Spirit. This adventure was not just about my spiritual growth but about learning to care for my mind, will, emotions, and body, recognizing it as a temple of the Holy Spirit. As I matured spiritually and personally, I noticed many women around me struggling with similar issues, particularly in understanding God’s ways, wisdom and timing.

Driven by a desire to help other wisdom seekers, in my early 30's, I initiated a single woman’s group at my church that encouraged us to stretch our understanding and discernment of God's truth and promises. These gatherings were foundational, not just for my leadership or an act of service; it was a lifeline for myself. I longed for connection, not only for companionship but for a collective pursuit of something greater than ourselves. We shared a love for Jesus and a common desire to find a God-honoring partner. Our gatherings became a sanctuary where we prayed for each other's futures, believing fervently in God’s goodness and our own search for significance.

A Path of Personal and Community Growth:

This endeavour led to the birth of another group focused on single Christians, tackling the unique challenges we faced, from the awkward social encounters to joy of living authentically and the freedom to be who God created us to be. It was here, amidst this newfound relational wealth, that I met John. He walked into our gathering, a tall, dark, handsome figure in a trench coat and tailored suit, and I knew my life was about to change. John became not just my husband but my covenant partner in faith and father to our children, anchoring our family in love, protection and devotion.

The move to a smaller town in Ontario, Canada, to grow our family by two, where we immersed ourselves in a community rich in worship and enterprise. Also life highlighted the importance of the intimate connections formed in those early days. I longed for that foundational relationship built on breakthroughs, trust and camaraderie. My academic background in food, health, and nutrition, coupled with my personal victories over chronic diseases, ignited a passion to gather people around health. Yet, beneath this endeavor was a deeper calling—to support women battling deferred hopes and unfulfilled desires, to give voice to those who felt unheard, and to navigate the neglected task of self-care.

As a nutritionist working in Public Health with a diverse range of clients, from prenatal stages to older adults, I've observed a consistent theme: the profound impact of the soul on diet. This realization led me to understand that beliefs, patterns, and habits shape our dietary choices in ways that no traditional or fad diet can address. Motivated by this insight, I expanded my expertise to include prophetic pastoring and life coaching, focusing specifically on integrating kingdom principles and entrepreneurship. This wholistic approach allows me to mentor individuals in nurturing and empowering their entire being: spirit, soul, and body, bringing my professional service journey full circle.

I have learned, my preferred method of support is through mentorship, where I walk alongside you, guiding you through transformative breakthroughs in mindsets and beliefs, until you're ready to soar on your own. I am passionate about seeing you move forward in action through coaching, consultation and mentoring.

Looking back, my journey has been marked by an unyielding pursuit of community through various groups—singles, engaged couples, moms, healthy lifestyles, and those seeking spiritual, physical and relational healing. Despite my lifelong relationship with Jesus, I struggled to connect with God’s word, seeing it through a lens of loss and control. But persistence led to breakthrough, and now, I find joy and life in scripture daily, even in Leviticus.

So, why share this story? Because it speaks to a universal human desire for deeper meaning, connection and fulfillment in life for answers that only God can provide. My journey taught me resilience—the spiritual, mental and physical vitality to sustain and recover from hardships, while keep moving forward - keep showing up. In a world crying out for peace and freedom, I've learned that life is a collaborative journey, requiring a pioneering spirit and the courage to let God and others in.

The Power of Resilience and Community:

My story is a testament to the power of fortified action—the capacity to recover from life's setbacks and to find strength in faith and community. She Meets has grown from intimate prayer sessions on my kitchen floor to an in person and on line community that empowers women to stand firm, embrace their unique voice, and support one another in growth and power.

She Meets was a name inspired by my friend Diane during a pivotal change in direction in 2018. It encapsulated our core mission: to empower women in Kingdom living, revelations of their identity to impact their generations for Christ. Our focus is on freedom in intimacy, trust, relationship boundaries, spiritual intelligence, emotional and mental resilience, and physical strength, enabling women to expand the kingdom of God through their path's story.

The journey of She Meets, has been guided by my personal connection to the mission of finding God, finding self, and finding others, creating a gathering of people that bless and not curse, love and not tare down and experience God's love and power in the here and now.

Looking forward, the vision for the She Meets movement rests in God's hands, as we steward our part, moving forward each day with trust in His guidance and the excitement of the adventure of meeting you. Our aim is to continue impacting women locally and beyond, empowering them to use their voices for the glory of God and to embrace covenant relationships as the most secure and trusted ones.

My Personal Invitation to Join the Journey:

As we move forward, I am committed to authenticity, intimacy and the transformative power of faith in Chirst. To provide a safe place, where women can find strength, confidence, and the courage to live out their God-given assignment. If you're seeking a community that stands with you as you make this year, your best year yet, I invite you to join myself and this awesome gathering of beautiful women. Let's embrace our unique paths, support each other's worth, and witness the transformative power and authority of your heavenly citizenship.

I invite you to connect at and become part of a mentoring movement that is transforming lives and expanding the Kingdom of God, one voice at a time. Your voice matters.

Welcome to a journey of discovering your voice of confidence and significance in Christ Jesus.